About this blog

This blog is, at least initially, dedicated to telling the story of SimplyShow.me, a tech startup based in Canberra Australia. SimplyShow.me ran from April 2011 till March 2014 and gave myself, and hopefully those who were involved over the years, a great deal of enjoyment. After all the hard work that went into building and running the company I felt that it is was worth telling the story from the beginning, with all the gory bits on show. I am also using this blog as an excuse to document the lessons that I learnt along the way, and in future I hope it becomes a useful repository of all things startup related. While the title may not suggest it, this blog is a celebration of the startup journey. While we can all aspire for fame and fortune, it is the journey that gets me up in the morning, and fills me with a deep sense of purpose. I hope startups have the same affect on you someday.


About me

My name is Lachlan Blackhall and I am based in Canberra, Australia. I would typically describe myself as an engineer, educator and entrepreneur, the order of which changes depending on the day of the week. I have a PhD in control theory, an interest in all things technical (particularly aircraft and python programming), and a passion for startups. Outside of work I love cycling, running, travelling, photography and reading. Feel free to contact me on lachlanblackhall at gmail dot com.

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